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The oft quoted “S-Standard” is a voluntary agreement that Swedish machine suppliers introduced in 2011 for mechanical quick couplings on the Scandinavian market. First of all, the terms “standard” or “norm” are therefore strictly speaking wrong and, secondly, the S-Standard is not designed for the special features of fully automatic quick coupler systems. The S-Standard agreement does not specify any binding specifications for hydraulic and electronic components, nor have allowances been made for the significantly higher requirements for the dimensional accuracy of fully automatic systems.
Over the last two decades, many manufacturers have very successfully developed their own company standards for fully automatic quick couplers. Although they are mostly based on the S-Standard, they include a large number of individual adaptations and innovations. One example is the protective plate on OilQuick diggers, which reliably prevent contamination of the stick by rolling dirt, but which are not a part of the S-Standard agreement.

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